1Community is an initiative of Diatom Impact under Village Ecosystem Approach and Mindset (VEAM). Diatom Impact is an impact-focused, investment and research organization committed to being a global change agent through collaborative partnerships with communities, corporations and governments to create solutions that solve entrenched development challenges. We seek to build a sustainable ecosystem that nurtures students and micro-enterprises of today to become champions of tomorrow through innovative and catalytic initiatives.

1Community welcomes the opportunity to engage with like minded partners in transforming and transitioning micro enterprises into sustainable Small and Medium Scale Enterprises across Nigeria and Africa.

1Community is a community of MSMEs creating a network effect through training, business support, upskilling and funding of entrepreneurs resulting in increased commerce, revenue, job creation, pensions, and tax remittance.

1community's 10 year vision is hinged on:
Changing the Narrative of Doing Business in Nigeria
  • Providing resources and necessary support needed to scale up Micro Enterprises into SMEs
  • Creating a support ecosystem for Micro Enterprises to leverage on
  • Encourage businesses to innovate and provide innovative solutions that will move the country forward
Unleashing The Potential of Micro Enterprises
  • Identifying and selecting talented entrepreneurs and businesses to join 1-Cs ecosystem
  • Tooling, on the job business training, advice and mentorship
  • Encourage businesses to innovate and
Reaping Societal Dividend With Far-Reaching Impact
  • Formalize unstructured businesses: incorporation, preparation of yearly accounts and regulatory compliance
  • Increase government revenues via taxes, contributory pension & health insurance
  • Decrease unemployment rate and societal unrest in the economy

Industry Statistics

  • Number of Enterprises
  • Micro
    41,469,947 (99.8)
  • Small
    71,288 (0.17%)
  • Medium
    1,793 (0.004%)

Why One Community Will Win

Measuring Impact

1 community's goal is to encourage entrepreneurship by leveraging on resources to create far reaching impact across the economy, both direct and indirect.

  • Resources
  • Capital & Grants
  • Capacity Development
  • Business Mentorship, Training & Coaching
  • 1,200 unstructured MSMEs formalized and registered on the CAC portal
  • 4,800 new jobs created annually reducing the rate of unemployment
  • Regulatory compliance including payment of taxes, increasing government revenues
  • Subscription to a contributory pension scheme and health insurance
  • Registration as a National Voter thereby increasing voter participation in the next election
  • Business model innovation for these enterprises
  • Improvement in the welfare of the lower class in Nigeria
  • Decrease in Social Unrest
  • Contributing our quota to reduce poverty (SDG 1)
  • Gender Equality (SDG 5)
  • Decent Work & Economic Growth (SDG 8)
  • Reduction in Income Equality (SDG 10)
  • Partnerships for the goals (SDG 17)